Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FreeMind and Flash #2

image About a year ago I posted on a new feature of FreeMind that enables maps to be rendered in Flash and accessible via a browser. The FreeMind wiki contains a gallery of such contributed maps on a wide variety of topics.

Under the Technology category I uploaded two maps - the first on issues in designing Publish and Subscribe content distribution systems, and the second was the map behind the research for my post Anonymity on the Edge, a not-so-minor scandal over the exposure of passwords in the edge nodes of the ToR anonymity network.

I have now uploaded the map behind my post on The Positive Trust Model and Whitelists, as well as a map providing a summary of an excellent Cisco report from February 2008 on the risks of remote working (telecommuting), announced here. I hope to make a full post on the report "real soon now".

While I find FreeMind a wonderful tool, I occasionally look at developments in other mind mapping tools. I have been watching XMind for a while and, until recently, it out of my price range at $200. But now XMind has gone open source, available for free (definitely in my price range) with the business model switching to paid hosting and collaboration service for the professional version. I downloaded the free version, a Java Eclipse application, and played around a bit. At least on my machine it was a little clunky, and on first impressions, the additional features did not outweigh the simplicity of FreeMind for me. But you can decide for yourself.

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