Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Tricks recently passed 50,000 visitors

Just a short note to say that the number of visitors to the No Tricks blog recently passed the 50,000 mark, which was very satisfying for me. The blog has been running since September 2008, starting out with just a few posts but then building open slowly to around 250 now. You can see the monthly increase in visitors below, and some other statistics from Google Analytics.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How many users does Twitter have?

A nice power law looking graph from Business Insider on the properties of Twitter users, and about 175 million Twitter accounts have been registered to date. But how many of those accounts are actually active and being used? Hard to say it seems. The article reports on digging into the Twitter API and finding that

Using data that is now just one month old, he found out that…

  • There were 119 million Twitter accounts following one or more other accounts.
  • There were 85 million accounts with one ore more followers.

With these figures, and Twitter's claim of 175 million accounts, a little subtraction shows us that there are 56 million Twitter accounts following zero other accounts, and 90 million Twitter accounts with zero followers.