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I have made about 160 posts as of February 2010, with statistics collected by Google Analytics since April 2008. Individual visits to a post normally don't get recorded until the post moves off the main page, which may take a week or two. So the top 10 list below represents posts that have the largest number of long term visits
  1. Are AES 256-bit keys too large?
  2. Examples of Risk Profile Graphs
  3. Another crack at open Rainbow Tables for A5/1
  4. AES-256 and Reputational Risk
  5. The cost of SHA-1 collisions reduced to 2^{52}
  6. Entrust PKI v5 Overview
  7. Weapons of Math Instruction: The Birthday Paradox
  8. The spin on passwords for AES
  9. FreeMind and Flash
  10. Long Tail of Vulnerability for A5/1
    On the other hand, if we rank posts by the average time spent reading the post, then a different picture emerges. Below I list the top 10 posts that have had at least 20 views by largest average visit time
    1. Marcus Ranum and the Points of No Return
    2. Metrics for Managing Project Risk
    3. Quantum Computing: are you Shor?
    4. The Sub-Time Crisis in Web 2.0
    5. Self-Destructing Digital Data with Vanish
    6. A USB Entropy Drive
    7. AES-256 and Reputational Risk
    8. Major Risks in the IT Industry
    9. Excellent Awareness talk from British Airways
    10. Long Tail of Vulnerability for A5/1
    Last updated Feb 2010.