Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Swan Song of Mark Curphey

About two months ago Mark Curphey (Security Buddha), in a confessional post, informed us all of his intentions to move on from IT Security, and reinvent himself 2.0-style into web technology, agile development, social software and user experience. He gave his reasons for moving on as follows
For the last few years I have grown increasing disillusioned with the security industry to the point where after nearly two years of thinking and talking about it I have decided that it’s time for me to move on. There is a long list of frustrations and I have seriously thought about a last detailed shot over the bow with some home truths as I see them. The reality is it will probably not be productive. I had commentary about the security circus and the clowns, ring masters and performance artists that play in the big top; commentary about the lack of genuine computer science that finds its way into security; commentary about the lack of business science that is being adopted (why aren’t security people obsessed by Freakonomics?); commentary about the sad fact that for the most part we are still doing “the same old shit” 15 years after I first started (the definition of insanity is to do the same thing twice and expect a different result); commentary about the farce of PCI (and related standards) and people caring about trivial issues (easy to understand and sensationalist in nature) when looming holes that could have major impacts go unnoticed …….I could go on. People thinking they need “purple dinosaur” features in their security software because some marketing spin says so and commentary about the sheer FUD being pumped out by the marketeers. I have watched an industry spin out of control largely paying lip service to the term risk and watched sectors of it become largely irrelevant outside of their own self-fulfilling set of prophesies. When things go right no one notices (at least outside of security) and when things go wrong everyone points fingers. That’s a tough place to be impactful and remain positive.
A tough place to be impactful and remain positive. Mark’s new blog is here, and he still seems to have a few comments to make on security yet.

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