Sunday, November 8, 2009

Outline of a book on Passwords

I have uploaded to my Google site an outline of a book I started to write in 2003 on passwords. At the time I had a few months away from work and I decided to return to some basics in security, and I started with passwords in Windows. I was surprised at how complex, or at least detailed, this topic turned out to be. I was somewhat inspired by also reading Richard Smith’s nice book Authentication: from Passwords to Public keys. You will find many references to his book in my draft.

My draft does have some good references, a list of passwords threats and a nice glossary. Looking at the TOC you get some idea of how much there is to cover.

I am not sure I will get back to completing the book, though I would surely like to. I make regular posts on passwords and they are certainly one of my pet security topics. However time has eluded me (so far) and perhaps you can use the material.

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