Monday, September 21, 2009

Post Number 100

This is post number 100 since the beginning of the No Tricks blog in September 2007. I have not been collecting statistics from Google Analytics over this whole period, but since April 2008 my site has had just over 12,700 visits by people who have viewed close to 21,000 pages. My bounce rate and new visitor rate stubbornly hover around 75%. The majority of visits are to the main page, but after a post gets off the main page we can get some measure of its popularity. The top 10 posts by the number of visits are

  1. Are AES 256-bit keys too large? (2,558)
  2. Examples of Risk Profile Graphs (1,164)
  3. Entrust PKI v5 Overview (743)
  4. The cost of SHA-1 collisions reduced to 2^{52} (590)
  5. AES-256 and Reputational Risk (514)
  6. Weapons of Math Instruction: The Birthday Paradox (458)
  7. The spin on passwords for AES (421)
  8. The Wisdom of a Random Crowd of One(416)
  9. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (412)
  10. Long Tail of Vulnerability for A5/1 (362)

The top two posts account for a large number of visits, which I called my Pareto Posts back in my assessment last Christmas . The post on AES-256 and Reputational Risk may yet reach towards the top as it is a relatively recent post that is getting more hits. On the other hand, if we rank posts by the average time spent reading the post, then a different picture emerges. Below I list the top 10 posts that have had at least 20 views by largest average visit time

  1. Excellent Awareness talk from British Airways (8:35)
  2. Self-Destructing Digital Data with Vanish (7:38)
  3. Marcus Ranum and the Points of No Return (7:23)
  4. Twitter in the Land of Power Laws (6:42)
  5. ENISA and Security Awareness (5:41)
  6. Quantum Computing: are you Shor? (5:30)
  7. The Sub-Time Crisis in Web 2.0 (5:11)
  8. AES-256 and Reputational Risk (4:45)
  9. Weapons of Math Instruction: The Birthday Paradox (4:43)
  10. A tie between Long Tail of Vulnerability for A5/1 and Zero Knowledge Proofs (4:20)
The posts on AES reputational risk and attacks on A5/1 are perhaps the best examples of posts that are both well-visited and well-read. Thanks to everyone for visiting the No Tricks blog!

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