Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Top 10 Security and Risk Uploads to Scribd

I have been reading and uploading to Scribd for several years now. It is really a vast source of documents and its seems that it has been a victim of its own popularity since now so many varied and inconsequential documents are finding their way to to site. The search function is not quite as effective as it was, and as always been true, the site itself is quite slow.

Over the last couple of years I have slowly uploaded just over 40 documents and presentations, mostly in the area of security and risks. For the last few months I have been getting just over 100 hits per day, and about 12 downloads per day. The total number of hits is now getting close to 20,000, and will reach that mark in the next week. Here is a list of the top 10 visited documents that I have uploaded – the number of reads is in parentheses, and documents in bold type are written by me

  1. A Data Centric Security Model (1529)

  2. ISACA Risk Framework (1498)

  3. How much is enough? A Risk Management Approach to Computer Security (1290)

  4. Does IT Security Matter? (1127)

  5. Entropy Bounds for Traffic Confirmation (886)

  6. Risk Analysis of Power Station survival of Cyber (712)

  7. Password Authentication on Mac OS X from Dave Dribin (704)

  8. An analysis of the Linux Random Number Generator (702)

  9. The Core Components of the Entrust PKI v5 (677)

  10. Canadian Government 1999 Threat and Risk Assessment Guide (628)

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