Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PageRank Increment for No Tricks


Every now and again I run this blog through the free Website Grader tool which measures your site on a variety of criteria, hoping to lure you for a more thorough paid analysis. The tool used to report a PageRank value, and No Tricks seemed to be stuck at 3 for quite a few years. The site now uses there own page ranking metric, which reported a value higher than 3. I was overjoyed and eagerly confirmed that the “true” PageRank metric had also increased from 3 to 4, representing some form of “exponential” improvement since the scale is logarithmic. I can now claim that the No Tricks site has gone from being of “low importance” to being of “medium importance”. Fine, I’ll take it.

Incidentally, I wrote a short introduction to the mathematics of PageRank a few years back, with a security spin.


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