Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 InfoSec Predictions from Zscaler Labs

Its not only the season of giving and but forecasting as well, and I recently received the following Information Security Predictions from Zscaler Labs
  • Flash mob hacktivism – we’ll see more attacks similar to Operation Payback, where like-minded strangers quickly organize and attack corporations or government entities in the name of a cause
  • Niche malware designed to harvest confidential information from IP-connected devices such as printers and SCADA systems will grow
  • Cloud-hosted botnets will grow
  • We’ll hear about more indirect data breaches, where not it’s the company affected that was breached, but rather a third-party vendor or organization
  • Social networks will become the main communication medium for attackers
  • The Information security market will continue to shrink
An interesting list - more about trends than fundamentals - and you can find more details on the Zscaler blog.

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