Monday, March 1, 2010

RSA-512 factoring service: two weeks effort for $5,000

Ron Kane is offering a service to factor 512 RSA keys for a cost of about $5,000, taking two weeks or so. He describes the service as

Estimation on calculating the private key is 2 weeks (we have 2 separate clusters running, sometimes its rented to another company) .

We will be calculating on our private cluster / super computer, no groups / companies / other individuals involved, your private key will not be exposed to the internet anywhere!

Your private key will be sold once, only to you. In case someone else asks us to factor the same numbers, we will decline the request.

How we work:

  • You make a down payment
  • We will start calculating the key
  • When the private key is ready, we will sign something with it and send it to you to verify it
  • You pay us the remaining sum we agreed
  • We give you plain numbers, or we can embed the private key in a smartcard (multos or JCOP)

You can contact him here, but if you are a bit more patient you can do it yourself. Some recent sampling results showed that a few percent of web servers are still running 512-bit keys.


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