Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Faraday Wallet

Do you remember the blocker tag? This was a proposal from researchers Ariel Jules, Ron Rivest, and Michael Szydlo, all affiliated with RSA Data Security, published (and surely patented) in 2003. It was about this time that the privacy concerns over information that could be collected about you and your habits by engaging in passive exchanges with arbitrary RFID readers was reaching its zenith. Your RFID tagged items could be passively giving away a lot information without your consent or knowledge.


Jules, Rivest, and Szydlo jokingly suggested that you could encase yourself in protective foil or mesh, which would make walking a bit more awkward but perhaps could be useful for wallets. And now we have just such a wallet, shown below.


It is advertised as an Identity Theft Preventing Privacy Wallet, retailing for $79.95. The product advertising states that

Most credit cards now contain tiny chips that provide a unique identifier that can be scanned to retrieve your billing details.

Such RFID technology can, unfortunately, also be corrupted by hackers using portable scanners in crowded airports, restaurants, and stadiums. Our slim and surprisingly lightweight Privacy Wallets are literally woven from over 20,000 super-fine strands of stainless steel into a flexible fabric that feels like silk — but protects your ID like armor plate! Stronger than leather, with no sharp edges or corners — and won’t stain or scratch.

Inside, 6 credit card slots, 2 internal slots, and a billfold let you carry plenty of purchasing power — completely shielded from today’s high-tech pickpockets.

This could go well with your swine flu suit.


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