Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another vote of confidence for Whitelisting

McAfee recently announced its successful acquisition of Solidcore Systems, a provider of dynamic whitelisting technology. McAfee now claims to have “the first end-to-end compliance solution that includes dynamic whitelisting and application trust technology, antivirus, antispyware, host intrusion prevention, policy auditing and firewall technologies” .

I recently posted on the undeniable logic of whitelisting. Malware writers are shifting away from the mass distribution of a small number of threats to the micro distribution of millions of targeted threats. This strategy is eroding the effectiveness of classic malware detection through signature analysis. As Edward Brice of Lumension remarks, the “block and tackle” approach of blacklisting is not sustainable.

Partially to defuse whitelisting hype, and also to preserve current revenue models, we can expect to see a transition towards hybrid offerings that combine black- and whitelisting, such as the teaming up of Bit9 and Kaspersky. McAfee states that

As businesses seek to more easily mitigate the risks associated with vulnerable or malicious applications downloaded by employees, they will extend beyond signature-based anti-malware with the addition of dynamic whitelisting and application trust technology.

Whitelisting is poised to become the protagonist in the cast of end-point security technologies.

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