Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twitter as your Personal Content Proxy

Newspapers are currently going through a fundamental restructuring where content is being decoupled from presentation and navigation. Journalists will either need to relabel themselves as essentially independent content producers, or move into the media side of the news service.

News sites will package and deliver content from arbitrary sources that will link away from their sites. As such they will be proxies to content repositories of the web. News sites will have to adjust to the Google model of linking people away from their site in order to get them to visit again.

I wonder if Twitter will end up performing a similar proxy function. The Twitter layer will consist of many personal recommendations (links) to data and content, sent to you personally by people that you trust, respect or share personal interests with. Can any site or search service provide you with comparable navigational assurance?

Twitter has the potential to decouple the web into a personal 2-tier system: a recommendation/link layer pointing to a content layer.

Twitter will be providing the long-lat coordinates into the datascape. Beam down, beam up, next tweet.

Navigation and search are just for people who don't have any friends or colleages.

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