Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Does IT Security matter?

In November last year I was invited to QUT in Brisbane to give a talk on a topic of my choice. I finally decided upon Does It Security Matter?, a play on the well-known book from Nicholas Carr.

My main message was (and remains)
  • There is a dependency between IT and IT Security but not a strategic relation
  • IT and IT Security are good neighbours but not good friends
  • IT Security is one area competing for attention and funding, amongst many
  • If you don’t make IT security matter, it won’t
  • Focus on securing business processes not the process of securing
  • Excel is your new best friend - make your spreadsheets work with their (business) spreadsheets
You can find the full powerpoint here.


Rex said...

There are many threats to your data other than stealing. You can secure your data by using USB Boot Drive

Alia Corrie said...

The information security landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. While the network hacker continues to pose a threat, regulatory compliance has shifted the focus to internal threats.

Wilson Davis said...

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kenzie jones said...

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